Historie obcí a přilehlého okolí

Municipality 1924

Municipality Schönborn

with 194 inhabitants and 36 houses with the hamlet Tiefendorf

Train Station: Straussnitz – Neustadtl and Böhmisch Leipa of the Czech National Railways
Post office: Böhmisch Leipa
School: Straussnitz-Kosel-Quitkau
Church: Straussnitz-Quitkau
Community leader: Joseph Schinke
Secretary: Franz Trieselt

Clubs: Volunteer Fire Department Tiefendorf

Industry, Trade and Commerce
Guest house and inn: Franz Krause 3
Lumber merchant: Josef Ludwig 1
Tobacco seller: Franz Krause

Hamlet Tiefendorf

Guest houses and inns: Josef Böhm 15, Franz Mattausch 25
Tobacco Seller: Franz Mattausch 25
Wagner: Wenzel Selz 1

Homeowners directory from Schönborn:
Josef Ludwig 1, Franz Prost 2, Franz Krause 3, Raimund Selz 4, Franz Jirschit 5, Rudolf Föster 6, Fürstin Hohenlohe 7, Franz Puhl 8, Wenzel Wedrich 9, Josef Föster 11, Anna Wünsch 12, Josef Böhm 13, Wenzel Reichelt 14, Wenzel Miessler 15, Franz Reischelt 16

Hamlet Tiefendorf:

Augustinian convent (Franz Eichler, Renter) 1, Josef Schinte 2, Josef Kobel 3, Josef Hammer 4, Josef Eichler 5, Karl Mattausch 6, Josef Rösler 7, Franz Trieselt 8, Franz Wedrich 9, Franz Kobel 10, Wenzel Ramisch 11, Eduard Mauder 12, Josef Martin 13, Josef Tschakert 14, Josef Böhm 15, Seiferts Erben  17, Gustav Weisheit  19, Ignatz a Marie Heller 20, Marie Hössler 21, Marie Reblich 22, Franz Mattausch 25

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