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Struznice in pictures


Dog tag from Struznice

Struznice No. 150  in 1968

Dog tag from Struznice

Struznice 26

 Family Krause Struznice  no. 26


Dog tag from Struznice, year 1933

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Struznice No. 146 and No. 199 in 1974

Brass embellishment from a horse harness

Envelope from the Struznice office in 1938 found in an internet auction


Reinhold Kreibig’s inn


Struznice no. 2, formerly the house of the Klimt family, by now it’s the Chren family’s house


Dog tag from Struznice, year 1933


Mrs. Fotrova in the Struznice Inn around 1990. To the left of the entrance door there was a storage place for bottled beer and soft drinks; straight ahead there was the restroom and to the right there was the bar. When someone entered the bar, opposite the door there were tables with chairs and on the left side there was a brown stove. Next to the stove there were no chairs, only benches. The price for the 2 kinds of beer were 1,70 KCS and 2,10 KCS. Cigarettes were 4 KCS, 8 KCS, and 1,20 KCS. Salted sticks were 1,70 KCS. The yellow lemonade was 70 KCS and the red one was 1.10 KCS.


International Peace Race Struznice 1954

Struznice_ruzne_obrazky_1 (2)

Reinhold Kreibig’s inn and general store


The whole view of Struznice


The view of a part of Ploucnice (Polzen) from about 1910. Between the poplar trees there is a house – today there is Mr. Jirsa’s junk shop.


The Struznice shooting range at the time of the Austro-Hungarian Empire. The last time it was used by the Lidové milice


The view of the rental house no. 69 from about 1905 – today it houses the municipal authority. On the right there is Mr. Reinhold Kreibig’s inn. In the corner of the garden on the right there is a cross which doesn’t exist anymore


On this picture from about 1952 you can see the dairy which was used to buy milk from the local farmers. After the dairy closed, the house was used for weighing grain. On the left behind the house there is a railway line and a field. On the right there is a linden lined avenue.


Hanuš Tröschel in about 1941. Behind him you can see the bridge over the river Ploucnice (Polzen) and the access road. In the background you can see the Ortles hill.


Mr. Piruncík with his family


The view of construction of the appartment buildings in 1974


Year 1946 – the first anniversary of the end of the World War II. On this place next to the school there was a monument to fallen in the World War I. The man on the left is Josef Záhoncík


Mr. Franz Selz’s family from Struznice in 1913, house no. 104. Photography belongs to F. A. Wenzel from Benesov

Struznice_ruzne_obrazky_15 Struznice_ruzne_obrazky_14

Two pictures of the homestead built in 1890. This house was owned by the Knights of Malta until 1924 and in 1935 it was owned by Ing. Josef Jares.


Josef Ander’s pub, house no. 145


Josef Ander’s pub – the view across the river Ploucnice (Polzen)


A treasure which was waiting for us under the attic planks of one Struznice house.
Kreis Boehmisch Leipa
This is the name and address of the former Straussnitz Raiffeisenkasse (Credit Union).
Friedrich Wilhelm Raiffeisen founded in 1864 the first rural cooperative credit union to help out the many farmers who were often at the mercy of loansharks.


And another interesting discovery from the same house. The history of the house is slowly uncovering and I think it would be worth researching.


This postcard was sent on 15 July 1901 from Neustadtl to Berlin.


Monument to the fallen in World War I in Straussnitz from the year 1924.
1914 – 1918
Names of the fallen: Wenzel Puhl, Wenz Pemsel, Franz Sušanka, Wenz Girsschick, Josef Reischel, Karl Tschakert, Franz Puhl, Emil Puhl, Anton Förster, Heinrich Hocke, Franz Girschick, Franz Fischer, Rudolf Gröl, Wenz Hackel, Rudolf Böhm, Franz Klimt, Franz Wöhle, Franz Jikert, Wenz Zenker, Josef Selz, Richard Andersch, Josef Wöhle, Franz Neuman, Josef Fiedler, Emil Reichelt, Franz Seifert, Franz Böhm


The monument to the liberators of our homeland used to stand on the place where the blocks of flats are now located. The house across the water is the Piruncík’s cottage. Later the monument was replaced with the monument of the fallen in WWI next to the school


This is a picture from Struznice, but I don’t know where exactly.


Greetings from Struznice


The school and the Holy Trinity Church in Struznice. On the bottom right is the monument for the fallen soldiers from the First World War


The Straussnitz 4. 7. 1926 – Neustadtl (Struznice – Jezve) railway station


The concilliation cross used to stand next to the house no. 65. Professor Franz Queisser from Decin made this photo in 1937.

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  • Thank you for this post. My Grandfather William Puhl was born Strutznice house 86 in 1898 before leaving for USA.
    I visited the town last year. I asked in the pub if they knew anyone named Puhl. None of them did.
    It was nice to see the name Puhl in this article, unfortunately they were fallen soldiers.
    My nephew will visit next year. hopefully he will be more successful in finding someone named Puhl in the town.

    • Puhl family was a part of the German settlement, which was displaced from Struznice after the end of WW2 and replaced with Czech people. In this day no one from the Puhl family lives in Struznice. I have friends in Germany who have lived in Struznice before WW2 and are relatives with the Puhl family. If you are interested, I can send you their contact information. If your nephew is planning to visit Struznice, send me a message and I will show him around the village. Can we communicate together in German? It would be easier for me.
      Petr Fletcher

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